January 20, 2021

Our First Playtime Playgroups of the Year

Last year we launched our Playtime program which provides free access to a fortnightly playgroup for all Hannah’s House families. This includes a mix of incursions with activities such as messy mat play, music and art therapy as well as excursions to places including SciTech and Lollypops Bayswater. Our Playtime program gives more opportunities for children with complex care needs to play freely in a supported space while learning new skills, and for parents to have a chance to socialise and feel a sense of belonging with others who are on similar journeys.

The response from our families about Playtime has been very positive, showing how much this program is valued in their lives. Here is what some of our mums had to say about it:

“[Playtime] always has really good activities and it’s nice to be around families who are going through similar issues as we are. They’re always well organised, it’s nice having support and being able to get out of the house and having something to do. They’re really good, it’s nice that [you] cater for all kids of different abilities and ages at the same time, it’s very inclusive.” Rebecca, Emmi’s Mum

“The playgroup is good for [my son] to socialise. When we go to our ‘normal’ playgroup, it’s hard for him to keep up with the speed of the other kids. So this playgroup is really good and everyone understands each other. It’s really fun for me as a mother, and for him.” Sibele, Italo’s Mum.

We are very pleased to announce that WA Charity Direct has recently provided funding to Hannah’s House for our Playtime program (as well as our peer to peer events for our families). This means that we are able to make Playtime even more special for the families who come along and provide even more activities and resources to cater to all our children’s needs. Thanks to this additional funding, we started our 2021 Playtime program with some of our most exciting and beloved sessions yet!

Summer Fun

Our very first Playtime of the year was dedicated to summer play! Held at Bayswater Family Centre, we had plenty of space for activities and an outdoor playground for the kids to run around. Our Play Specialist Lisa organised water and sand based activities and put together a sensory tent which is always a favourite among our children. We also hired a ball pool from Perth Toy Hire which was one of the most popular activities of the day.

Italo with bubbles Kamden on Slide


Fringe World Family Rave Day

We couldn’t have been more excited for our first excursion of 2021, we took our families to the Fringe World Family Rave Day! Playing all the classic club tunes for the adults, mixed with dancing fairies, bright lights and free-flowing confetti, this was the perfect event for both kids and parents. Our families danced non-stop and left feeling tired but with huge smiles on their smiles. After the disco, we also explored the Woodside Energy Pleasure Garden to cool down and even spotted the Fringe World mermaids.

For so many of our families, a day out in the city takes a lot of effort and preplanning, sometimes it feels simply unobtainable. That’s why we’re so proud to be able to coordinate these experiences through our Playtime program, so families can spend more quality time together.


This was such a special day, neither we nor our families will be forgetting it anytime soon!

 Ivy and mum dancing Kamden Dancing Scarlett raving


Thank you WA Charity Direct for supporting this program and bringing joy into the lives of our Hannah’s House families. We have plenty more in store for Playtime this year, stay tuned for more updates!

Find out how you can also provide support for our Playtime program here.