June 18, 2024

A Mother’s Story: The Power of One Hour of Care

James with his support worker

Read the beautiful story of a Hannah’s House mum, Francine, and her 7-month-old son, James.

James has complex repository health issues and and cardiovascular disease. This requires constant care and attention from his devoted mother, Francine, who juggles being a mum whilst managing James’ complex needs and his 13 different specialists and medical teams.

James photo 3

Finding a moment to breath.

The in-home support provided by Hannah’s House offers Francine a rare opportunity to step back and breathe. “Words can’t describe the difference that one hour of respite care makes to our family. It means that we can take off our 24/7 carer/nurse hat, take a breath, and take a moment to recharge and find ourselves again,” Francine shares. This brief respite allows her to recharge and prepare to continue providing the best possible care for James.

Enhancing James’ Quality of Life

The joy and comfort that professional care brings to James is immeasurable. “It has been amazing to have a Registered Nurse care and interact with James in a way that does not compromise his health condition, and to see the joy that it brings James, amazing!” Francine says. The skilled care provided by Hannah’s House ensures that James receives the attention he needs while allowing Francine to witness the positive changes in her son’s life.

A Significant Change

The consistent support from Hannah’s House has fundamentally changed Francine’s life. “Receiving support from Hannah’s House has been a game changer for us. Being released from hospital after 4 months while navigating a complex condition and 13 specialists is demanding, stressful, and isolating. With support from Hannah’s House, I am able to rest, recharge, gather my thoughts, and re-engage in activities that are meaningful for me”, Francine reflects. It provides her the time and space to recuperate, which in turn allows her to offer the best care possible for James.

Managing Stress and Avoiding Burnout

The relentless demands of caring for a child with complex medical needs can be overwhelming.  “James has a very rare medical condition and he is under 13 different specialists and medical teams. The constant stress and worry, and so much time spent down at PCH is so exhausting. Having in-home support from Hannah’s House allows me the chance to rest, exercise and ‘fill up my cup’ so I can continue to provide care and support and be the best possible Mum to James,” Francine explains. The support from Hannah’s House enables Francine to take crucial time for self-care, helping her manage stress and prevent burnout.

Make a Lasting Impact

This June, we are looking to raise 188 hours of in-home care for Perth children with seriously complex health needs and their families. But we can’t do it without you.

By donating to our Gift an Hour Appeal, you help provide crucial care free for children like James. 

Consider making a lasting impact and becoming a monthly donor. Your ongoing support will ensure that we can continue to provide these essential services to families all year round. 

Thanks to our supportive community, Hannah’s House families like James & Francine’s can receive the care they deserve.