Respite Care Program

Care in the comfort of your home

Caring for a child with high and complex needs is a labour of love and can be very isolating. We offer in-home respite and support to provide parents with an opportunity to spend time on other activities including sleep, shopping, appointments, staying in contact with friends and family, maintaining employment or spending time with their other children.

Families can ‘take a break’, knowing their child is being provided with expert care and is enjoying social interaction with a Registered Nurse or skilled support worker. The goal of respite care is to provide parents with time out that encourages them to look after their own physical and mental wellbeing.

Respite care might also take the form of:

Our support is flexible and always tailored to meet the needs and goals of your family.

Miss I

Support from Hannah’s House gave me a break from tending to Miss I’s care 24/7. Even short respite sessions were vital and kept me sane! They allowed me to get on with household chores and spend time with my other young child knowing Miss I was being well cared for.

What if we have no funding?

If your child has been diagnosed with a life-limiting or other condition that causes complex daily care needs or necessitates palliative care, Hannah’s House may be able to provide you with fee-free respite care packages.

We work with the Care Teams within Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) who can make a referral on your behalf or you can request support directly.


Additional Services for Families

It is recommended that you engage with support agencies early on in your child’s diagnosis. This will help you build relationships and trust with service providers and reassure you that you are not on your own. In addition to respite care, Hannah’s House also provides:

Hannah’s House services are not funded by government and are provided through the generosity of organisations like Channel 7 Telethon Trust, other Trusts and Foundations and corporate and community donors.

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