Playtime Program

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Why is it important

Play isn’t just a pastime; it’s a powerful pathway to a child’s growth, development, and happiness. At Hannah’s House, we recognise the profound impact of play on a child’s physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being.

Our Playtime Program is more than fun; it’s a vital tool for building bonds, enhancing communication, and reaching developmental milestones.

Research has shown that sensory play, in particular, enriches a child’s cognitive growth, motor skills, memory, and problem-solving abilities.

By offering play therapy at home, we aim to empower you with the knowledge to engage your child using simple, everyday (and cost-effective) items, creating activities that foster their development or provide comfort during challenging moments. These activities can be led by you, older siblings, or your dedicated Hannah’s House care worker.

Hannah’s House is proud to have a qualified play specialist on our team, bringing extensive experience in working with children with disabilities. Our Playtime Program is made possible through the generous support of Telethon 7, Mineral Resources and WA Charity Direct.

Playtime Program

Our Playtime Program includes:

  • Specialised Play Plans – our Play Specialist will visit your home and develop a Play Plan for your family free of charge. The plan will consider age-appropriate development goals and milestones for your child. It will cover play activities for up to 12 months. The Hannah’s House team will help implement the Play Plan in your home with the whole family and your Hannah’s House support worker.
  • Playtime Playgroups – Our Play Specialist offers free fortnightly Playgroups for all children support by Hannah’s House and their siblings. These Playgroups alternate between community centres and fun excursions to play centres and museums (like SciTech, Little Land, Cuddly Animal Farm, Perth Zoo and more!). They provide an opportunity for families and children to access play and socialize with each other in supportive environment.

Our Playtime Program is a great way for our mums and dads to meet and connect with each other.

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