Palliative care at home

Where care meets comfort

At Hannah’s House, we provide a comprehensive approach to palliative care for children and young people with life-limiting conditions. Our care is a holistic blend of physical, emotional, social, and spiritual support, all with a central focus on enhancing the quality of life for the child and their entire family. This includes expert symptom management, respite provisions, and unwavering care and support throughout the journey, including during times of bereavement.

Every child with palliative care needs is unique, and we believe in a personalised approach, backed by our multidisciplinary service team. For some, a child’s NDIS Plan may continue to provide support during their palliative journey, or you can inquire about our pro-bono services to further explore the ways we can be of assistance.

Care that comes home

Depending on your child’s condition and progression, it may be possible to provide care for your child within the comfort of your own home throughout their journey. This approach offers several invaluable benefits:

  • Your child might find solace in their familiar surroundings, surrounded by their toys, pets, and family.
  • It allows your family to stay together and be as involved as you desire in your child’s care.
  • You may feel better equipped to offer support to the entire family unit.
  • The privacy and comfort of your child are enhanced in a setting they know well.
  • You might experience a greater sense of control over your child’s care.

If you’d like to explore further insights into Paediatric Palliative Care, we highly recommend ‘A Family Companion,’ a wonderful booklet created by Palliative Care Australia.


Recharging your batteries, spending time with other children, family and friends and simply having time to take care of your needs is highly recommended to support your health and wellbeing. Taking breaks from caring for your child can be vital to give you time to take care of yourself. Hannah’s House can help you plan ‘respite’ breaks where your child remains in the family home.

Your clinical team at Hannah’s House and Perth Children’s Hospital are here to discuss any of your needs and concerns and help provide the best care plan to support your child and family.

You can find out more by visiting our Respite Program.


“Support from Hannah’s House allowed us to “stay home” and reduce hospital admissions because we had the clinical support at home. We were able to go on adventures and get out and about, explore and have fun helping us to give Master M the best quality of life. They supported us 24/7 making sure they coordinated their time so we were never alone during those final days. They supported Master M as well as our extended family and continued even after Master M had left us.”

Mother, Marcus passed away aged 6 years


Thinking about the end of your child’s life is hard. Families who have been through this challenging journey recommend that you make choices in advance of your child’s passing so when your child’s final days do come, you can concentrate on supporting each other, not making difficult decisions.

Planning ahead also means that you can explore all the options, and find out exactly what is possible, so you can make informed decisions. One option might be to plan for your child’s passing in the comfort and familiarity of the family home.

Hannah’s House collaborates with Perth Children Hospital and Silver Chain Palliative Care Service to provide care and support for you and your child at the end of life and in the following days. Our care can include 24 hour support, memory making and bereavement care allowing you to focus on your child.


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