Giving Feedback

Hannah’s House welcomes your feedback – compliments and complaints! It is important for us to know what we are doing well and what you would like us to improve. If you are unsatisfied by the service, support or information you have received, please let us know. Families, friends, advocates, staff or others in the community are welcome to give feedback or lodge a complaint using the online form below.
We will aim to deal with your feedback promptly and fairly.

How to Provide Feedback

There are several ways you can provide feedback to Hannah’s House (outside from any formal evaluation or satisfaction surveys we may seek from you if you are receiving services):

Making a Complaint

Hannah’s House is committed to ensuring that all our clients and their families/carers are free to lodge grievances, to have them dealt with promptly, fairly and without fear of adverse consequences, and to have those grievances resolved if possible. All complaints will be dealt with in ways which respect your privacy and in accordance with our ‘Feedback and Complaints Resolution’, ‘Privacy’ and ‘Confidentiality’ Policies. Copies of these policies can be made available on request.

You can express or lodge a complaint or concern using the ‘How to Provide Feedback’ methods described above.

Depending on the nature of your feedback, the matter will be dealt with in the first instance by the Clinical Nurse Manager or an appointed senior delegate or passed directly to the Chairperson of Hannah’s House Board of Management (Board).

If you are not satisfied by the outcome in the first instance, you can ask for the complaint to be lodged formally with the Chair of the Board and seek an appointment to discuss your concerns.

If we cannot resolve the complaint to your satisfaction, we will provide you with information about other services who can help including the Health and Disability Complaints Office and others.

Feedback Form