Raising Funds, Honouring Mums


Our sell-out event is back!

Join us for a day of honouring the incredible dedication of mums while fundraising for children with complex and life-limiting health conditions. You’ll enjoy a delightful sit-down High Tea with inspirational speakers, music, and more!

Make sure you secure a spot at Hannah’s House Mother’s Day High Tea for 2024 and RSVP today.

Ready to connect with our services?

At Hannah’s House, we’re here to enhance the lives of children with life-limiting and complex conditions, ensuring they enjoy the best of life. We focus on supporting your child’s physical, mental and social wellbeing. 

What we do

Our services include:

  • Transition from hospital to home-based care.
  • Expertly trained registered nurses and support workers offering in-home support day and night.
  • Expert care for children with complex health needs while they’re at school.
  • Tailored Play Therapy Plans and Community Playtime Program to connect you with other parents of children with complex health needs.
  • Compassionate palliative care and end-of-life respite.
  • Access to family grants.

Our vision is every child thriving

At Hannah’s House, we provide specialised support for children with complex health needs. Our dedicated team tailor our services so your child receives the best care and comfort.

Let’s work together for your child’s brighter future.

Your partner in support

Our people are the heart of our organisation. Our dedicated team is comprised of highly skilled registered nurses and support workers, each with a wealth of experience in paediatric care. Our professionals are not just caregivers; they are compassionate partners in your child’s support, offering unwavering guidance. 

Become part of the transformation

Hannah’s House is a non-profit organisation and we depend on the kindness and support of our community. By supporting Hannah’s House, you become a part of the transformation—where children with complex health needs find comfort, families discover strength.

Together, we can make an enduring difference in the lives of these exceptional children.

The partners making it happen

We are here to help your child and family.

Call us on (08) 6319 2850 or send us an email.