Play Therapy

Why it is important?

While your child may be attending specialist physio or occupational appointments, regular structured play at home can help build their mobility, communication/language skills and progress with developmental milestones. It also provides a tool to build bonds and understanding between your child, their siblings, extended family and friends.

Research has shown that sensory play has many benefits:

By offering play therapy at home, we hope to show you how to engage your child using simple, everyday (low cost) objects to create activities that will benefit your child’s development or soothe them during times of distress. These activities can be implemented by you, older siblings or by your Hannah’s House care worker.

Hannah’s House employs a part-time qualified play specialist with extensive experience working with children with disabilities.

A Play Time Play Plan includes:

Play Time Play Plans are offered as a free service to all families accessing Hannah’s House programs. To discuss developing or updating a Play Plan for your child, please speak to your Clinical Coordinator by calling 6319 2850 or email [email protected].


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