February 15, 2020

Sophie Goes to Camp – Part 2

Earlier we brought you part 1 of a story about 12-year-old Sophie who has Dravet Syndrome – a rare, catastrophic, lifelong form of epilepsy – who was able to attend her Year 6 camp with support from Hannah’s House and funding through the Telethon Trust.

For children with life-limiting conditions, ‘making memories’ is vital for families, but it touches all of us including our amazing and compassionate team. Shellie, a Registered Nurse who work for Hannah’s House, left her own family for a few days to attend camp full-time with Sophie and her mum Shellie.

This is her story.

“Thank you so much for providing the funding for me to be able to accompany Sophie to go to camp. She truly had an amazing week and did not want to go home. I loved it too… I am not exaggerating when I say when it was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in my nursing career.

During the week Sophie was able to participate in team water challenges, brain teaser challenges, communicate through her PODD communication book with her friends and teachers, perform in the talent show, cheered her friends on while they did rock climbing & drove her wheelchair on a bush track through the forest.

Through her PODD book, she was able to tell us that camp was “Great”, “Excellent” and “Special”. Sophie also told me she felt “safe” at camp.

At the end of the camp, there were tears from myself, mum and her teachers! WE DID IT!

The mainstream teachers commented that they had never seen Sophie smile so much and so happy.

Through Hannah’s House funding me to attend camp, Sophie was able to participate in what is a rite of passage for most graduating primary school students… go to year 6 camp. Despite her very many complex care needs, Sophie achieved what we all thought was improbable. Through her own determination, she had the most amazing week and made memories to last a lifetime.”