Nightingale FAQs

Everything you need to know!


Yes - all staff working for Hannah’s House will be using the Nightingale App as of 25th March 2024 (our Go Live date).

Yes - we will be working on the development of a nightingale app for clients, once we have launched and embedded our staff app over the next few months.

No. Families will not be able to view or access your case notes through Nightingale. However, families can ask (as part of their service from Hannah’s House) to have access to all aspects of their administration care, if they wish to do so. Please use the information provided in our Nightingale Staff Information Book on how to complete your case notes in Nightingale.

Yes. Families have been informed of the implementation of Nightingale and that this will result in an increased use of mobile phones in the home.

No. Please seek advice from your tax agent, in order to claim the cost of your mobile phone usage for work.

The correct use of Nightingale is a mandatory requirement of Hannah’s House. A failure to use Nightingale and to record the support provided to clients and families during a shift is a breach of clinical and legal requirements and may result in disciplinary action, legal action or clinical impacts.

No. You must only use your mobile phone for work related activities during a shift in the family home.

Yes! For rostering and leave information you will no longer need to access Roubler, as this will all be completed in Nightingale. Roubler will still be used to access policies and procedures for Hannah’s House over the next few months. Further information will be provided shortly.

To ensure we are able to pay you correctly, you MUST clock in and out for each shift. A failure to complete this information, will not only impact your pay, but the charges applied to families through our billing system. If you are struggling to record your times in Nightingale please email as soon as possible at the beginning and end of your shift.

Yes, as part of best practice all staff will now be asked to complete a Fluid Chart as part of their shift. This will need to be updated in Nightingale.

Yes, as part of best practice, all staff will now be asked to complete a Bowel Chart as part of their shift. This will need to be updated in Nightingale.

No. Burbridge school will not be asked to complete case notes for each child. However, you can take a photo of the written case notes completed for the Department of Education, and saved to a case note in Nightingale.

At the moment, these are not going to be requested for each child. Please reach out to your Clinical Coordinator if you require further clarification for your clients.

If you wish to claim kilometres as part of your shift, you must discuss this with your Support Coordinator before the shift has commenced. Alternatively, you can claim travel (separate to your normal commute to and from work) via tax at the end of the financial year.

If you lose your phone you must inform Hannahs House as soon as possible so we can deactivate your account (if required). All phones utilising the Nightingale Staff App should have a pin/password set to prevent unauthorised access. All client related activity (photos, downloads, emails, text messages and phone calls) should be deleted on a fortnightly basis to prevent unauthorised access if your phone is lost.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to our Team Leader – Service Delivery, Daisy Ashworth on