NDIS Mid Term Audit

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NDIS Mid Term Audit FAQs

What is the NDIS Audit and why is it important?

The NDIS Audit is an on-site assessment conducted by the NDIS to ensure that disability service providers meet the required standards and continue delivering high-quality support to participants, including your child. We are confident that Hannah’s House will successfully meet the audit standards.

What does the Mid Term Audit mean for my child?

The audit is designed to minimise disruption to your child’s services. The aim is to ensure ongoing quality of services while assessing compliance with the NDIS standards.

The audit has nothing to do with your child’s funding or the content of their plan and any participation in the audit will have no impact on the support your child receives. The auditors may ask to access your child’s file, however, any information you consent to share is de-identified. It is for the purpose of evaluating Hannah’s House only.

What does the Mid Term Audit mean for me?

Throughout the audit, we may reach out to you for discussions, feedback, or additional information. Your comfort and privacy are of utmost importance during these discussions and participation is completely optional. Your participation can provide auditors with a well-rounded perspective, helping to confirm that our services align with your child’s unique needs and the NDIS standards. This audit is an opportunity for you to have a direct influence on shaping the quality of care your child receives.

Why do the auditors need to see my child’s file?

The auditors require access to your child’s file to confirm that the support and services provided by Hannah’s House align with the required NDIS standards. Reviewing your child’s file allows auditors to verify that the support offered is tailored to your child’s specific needs, goals, and circumstances. There are several ways they determine this, such as, speaking to parents, reading files, and speaking to Hannah’s House staff who work with children and families.

Is there another way for the audit to be conducted without seeing my child’s file.

Reading children’s files is one component of the overall process but it is a very important part of the work the auditors need to do. The auditors will use several methods to review Hannah’s House’s services, including evaluating policies and procedures, reviewing the governance structure of the organisation, and speaking to employees and families.

I am happy for the auditors to read my child’s file, but I don’t have time to speak to the auditors.

That’s okay! Hannah’s House and the auditors understand how busy families are and do not want to overburden family life. Therefore, Hannah’s House can inform the auditors that you are consenting to a file review but opting out of a discussion.

Can I speak to the auditors without sharing information?

Yes, you can engage with the auditors without sharing sensitive information. Your discussions with the auditors can focus on general experiences, observations, and overall satisfaction with your child’s services at Hannah’s House. Your valuable insights, even without specific information, can contribute to the audit’s comprehensive assessment.

How will I know if Hannah’s House passes the NDIS Audit?

Once the audit is completed, Hannah’s House will receive an audit outcome. As a parent, you can inquire with Hannah’s House about the outcome, and we will provide relevant information about our audit results.

What’s next?

The audit will take place at Hannah’s House offices on 11 October. Information will be shared with the auditors two weeks beforehand which will include client information. If you decide to opt-in to the audit, we will arrange to speak with you to determine the best times for the auditor to contact you to avoid any disruption. This will also allow you to ask us any other questions you may have.

Who can I speak to with questions about the audit?

Aoife, Director of Clinical Services – aoife.gray@hannahshouse.org.au

Jonine, CEO – jonine.collins@hannahshouse.org.au

Daisy, Team Leader Service Delivery   daisy.ashworth@hannahshouse.org.au  

NDIS Quality & Safeguard Commission – contactcentre@ndiscommission.gov.au / 1800 035 544

Advocacy Support –  Advocacy services for people with disability (www.wa.gov.au)

We look forward to completing the NDIS Mid-Term Audit. Meeting the NDIS standards underscores our commitment to deliver high quality services tailored to your child’s individual needs. Thank you in advance to all the families who choose to participate in the audit, sharing your insights and experiences. Your valuable contributions play a role in helping us uphold the highest standards of care. 

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