Referring Agencies

Hannah's House believes it is important that supportive services work in partnership with families to develop individualised and flexible services that deliver the best possible care to the child, while providing the family with the support it needs.

We accept referrals from a range of allied service providers and government departments and can offer:

  • Help to transition a child from hospital or other care facility into the family home
  • In-home planned day or overnight respite
  • Crisis care
  • Palliative care.

The base criteria for families/children that we are able to support (this list is negotiable and not exhaustive) is:

A family or an individual who is the primary care provider of a child under 18yrs who is living at home and has been diagnosed with a life-limiting condition or a chronic illness/disability that results in complex care needs.

Hannah’s House is able to deliver a wide range of support in the family home including:

  • Nutrition via gastrostomy or modified diet
  • Nasal gastric care
  • Use of a wheelchair or mobility device if the child is non-weight bearing
  • Pressure management and posture care
  • Physiotherapy, OT, speech, play programs
  • Incontinence care, urinary drainage care, toileting programs
  • Medication management (including injections)
  • Seizure management
  • Management of distressing symptoms
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Ventilation
  • Management of sleep apnoea (bipap/cpap)
  • Oxygen administration
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Oral suctioning/chest physio, postural drainage

Hannah’s House also generally requires that:

  • The family or child cannot access funding for respite or support or that funding is not enough to meet their needs.
  • The family wants to work with Hannah’s House and share all relevant medical and support information with therapists, management and staff.
  • The family is aware the respite offered will be for short term/planned periods and may not be ongoing (this will depend on funding).
  • Support is provided by Registered Nurses and within the family home. Any equipment or other resource needs identified are not funded by Hannah’s House.
  • Families are willing and able to comply with OHS requirements to ensure a safe working environment for staff.

For additional information please review the information under Our Children and Our Services.

Hannah’s House are keen to work further with your organisation to identify families and children who will benefit from our respite and support services.

For further information please contact:

Susan King
Clinical Services Manager
0413 372 943