Our Children

A special feature unique to Hannah’s House will be a self-contained family unit. Given the high and frequent level of care needed by many of these children and the fact that many are non-verbal, parents are often reluctant to leave them in the care of others. By enabling parents and siblings to stay for a night or two, parents will develop confidence that their child will be well cared for and this will allow them to spend some quality time with their other children and possibly even have a holiday.Hannah's House provides care for children aged from birth to 18 years who have a life-limiting or a rare illness/disability and complex medical needs. This care is currently provided in the family home by a registered nurse with specialist paediatric skills.

Life-limiting conditions are those for which there is no reasonable hope of cure. Some of these conditions cause slow deterioration over time rendering the child increasingly dependent on parents and carers. Such conditions include:

  • Conditions for which curative treatment is available but may fail.
  • Conditions requiring prolonged and intensive therapy, that may provide a good quality of life but may result in premature death.
  • Progressive conditions without curative options where treatment may extend over may years.
  • Severe disabilities that are neither progressive or immediately life threatening, but may lead to complications with risk of premature death.

If you would like to discuss in-home respite care and support for a child or family in need please contact our Clinical Services Manager Susan King on clinicalservices@hannahshouse.org.au or call 0413 372 943.