We understand that caring for a child with a rare and complex illness or life-limiting condition places a great strain on family life. Families are expected to learn to do things for their child that only a registered nurse or clinically trained professional would do normally.

Hannah’s House puts the family at the centre of decision making and offers an established team of experienced nurses and allied health partners who are led by our Clinical Services Manager Susan King.

To access support from Hannah’s House your child will have been diagnosed with a complex medical condition:

  • Where a curative treatment is available but may fail.
  • Requiring prolonged and intensive therapy, that may provide a good quality of life but may result in premature death.
  • That is progressive and without curative options and where treatment may extend over many years.
  • Which results in severe disabilities that are neither progressive or immediately life threatening, but may lead to complications and risk of premature death.

We accept self-referring clients, however, we will need to gather information from your child’s GP or other medical and care agencies who have been involved in supporting your child or family.

Upon acceptance of your referral, we will contact you to carry out a care assessment to help us identify your individual needs and goals. The support provided will always be tailored to your family’s needs and flexible to match your changing requirements.

We can provide the following services in short term blocks (or dependent on funding):

  • Help to transition your child from hospital or other care facility to your home
  • In-home planned day and overnight respite
  • Crisis care
  • In-home palliative care

For further information or for a confidential discussion of your child’s and family’s needs please contact:

Susan King
Clinical Services Manager
0413 372 943